Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do you believe that "Pain" is normal in work outs?

Well- I think it is definitely worth looking into- don't you? I mean we have all heard "no pain no gain" in the past- who said that anyways?   I am wanting to learn more about how our bodies function as a whole- I want to know why I ache and is there something I can do naturally with out pain medications and with out a ton of stuff to take daily? Well learning about my body and how it functions better will help me to better understand and so I am hoping it helps you too.

**When talking about "no pain no gain" -IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO FEEL PAIN DURING THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR WORK OUT. On the contrary you should not be exercising at a level of pain ever. Now this does not mean that you may be uncomfortable at times or even feeling discomfort -this is OK.
**Also if you feel you cannot continue a work out or you feel you may pass out or you feel something else that is just not right- then it is too difficult for you and you may increase risk of injury to yourself by being overly exhausted and not being able to handle that kind of work out at the time.
**Don't try to kill yourself with exercise- really work smarter at it not harder ( hence the entire reason for my blog! )

  1. BACK PAIN- What causes back pain? What should I avoid? What can I do to exercise?
               A. Causes:  Muscular strains, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, disc disease
               B. Avoid exercises like Golf, Tennis, running, bowling, overhead lifting,   
                      leg press machine or anything else that causes it it "hurt more".
               C. TRY THESE INSTEAD: walking, stretching, protected ab exercises, swimming,
                     yoga, Pilate's, and also be sure to wear proper shoes for your sport (they are made that
                     way for a reason)

               A. Causes: often caused by impingement- this is when the space between your rotator cuff
                      muscles  and your bone on the top of your shoulder narrows causing pinched tendons 
                      Arthritis and Bursitis can also cause shoulder pain.
               B. Avoid: Overhead exercises, past times which could cause a flare up ( painting or
                    gardening when done for long periods of time)
               C. TRY THESE INSTEAD: front shoulder raises instead of overhead presses, and lateral
                    raises, also stop sports that include large arm movements such as tennis and golf.
               A. Causes- usually by an increase of running, mileage or intensity, when either walking or
               B. Avoid: running frequently, especially if in pain, but you don't have to give it up all
                  together. you can just do it less often or less intense until you can build up to it
               C. Try this instead: Cross Training with other cardio exercises like swimming and biking 
                   that do not require repetitive impact.
   4. NECK PAIN- 
               A. Causes: Osteoarthritis, cradling a phone between shoulder and head, degenerated disks,
                    carrying a heavy bag or purse over one shoulder. poor posture while sitting at a desk.
               B. AVOID: some yoga positions (like standing on your head) -haha like i can do that any
                    way! Also avoid running and other high impact type things that could cause jarring or
                    pressure on back and neck.
              C. Try this instead: walking, cycling, Pilate's and yoga poses that do not require pressure on
                   your neck or head.
               A. Caused by tight calf muscles, foot arch problems and long distance running and can be
                    caused by sudden eight gain as well.
                B. Avoid: Don't change anything other than the fact of hard or harsh impact such as
               C. Instead try: an elliptical trainer, or bicycle, -just because these do not cause same stress to
                   the foot.
               A. causes: usually by rolling or twisting of ankle in an awkward position- that stretches or
                    tears the ligaments in the ankle.. - In my case- just clumsy!
               B. Avoid: Jogging and running or any other repetitive impact should be avoided for a few
                   days after the initial injury.
               C. try this instead- focus on upper body exercises, or swimming or stationary bike.

              A. Causes: tears in the ACL or Meniscus( cartilage behind the knee cap) and most pain
                  comes from behind the knee cap.
              B. Avoid: anything that cause the pain in the knee or behind the knee,
              C. Instead try swimming, water aerobics, yoga and Pilate's also do hip exercises such as leg

I hope this shows a little more about what we can do to care for our bodies if we are having pain and understand WE DO NOT have to just lay around... also there are products available for these types of Aches and pains and want to introduce those to you now.

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