Thursday, August 2, 2012

I wanted to share a little bit about our compensation plan with SABA and AMS health sciences- the parent companies of ACE. The way it is set up is a Multi Level Marketing program, yes that is true. But at the same time EVERY ONE Has to pull thier own weight.  I am offering a limited number of party packs to try this out. The way it works is if you sell 5 bottles of ACE at $60.00 a peice you will collect $300.00. what that means for you is that you can place an order fo 6 bottles of ACE and cover your tax and your shipping and still come out with about $30.00 OR MORE in cash plus a FREE bottle of ACE.  You must sign up for $100.00 autoship the next month to be eligible for any contests or prizes. However I believe you will find this to be an amazing journey you can start with friends and family.

There are larger party packs available too- if you wanted to start now to work towards "free gifts" especially if you know some people that would LOVE TO HAVE ACE!  for a larger party you could sell 9 bottles of ACE and purchase 12 for the cost of $435.00! NOW that would leave you 3 more bottles to keep- sell or give away!  Doing this during the give away we are currently having will put you in the running for the other 3 prizes we will be giving away mid August!

  If you have more questions you may publish them here or you can contact me at

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