Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real Networking

Today I am going to switch it up a bit... You may know that ACE is a part time business for me. I currently have 57 ish people signed under my down line. I have grown to this number by networking. I have over 2000 fans on face book and have over 1000 followers on twitter, over 100 followers on Pinterest. Now I did most of my work by hooking up with reputable bloggers and they took over and led the way- telling me what I needed to do- where to go how to get people to my pages- what to set up etc. Having some one tell you how to do things has been AMAZING TO ME!

  I have seen people (including my own team) get frustrated with the fact they are not getting rich quick. Ok lets just say- "Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling. Modern direct selling includes sales made through the party plan, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as well as internet sales. A textbook definition is: "The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs."----- I don't see in that description any where about getting rich quick.

If you know the HISTORY of Mary Kay or other Direct Sales companies that are still around you would know that it comes from being DETERMINED, DEDICATED and wanting to make a DIFFERENCE. I personally only know Mary Kay's story when I think of this kind of thing and let me ask you this-- DO YOU THINK SHE WAS REALLY WANTING TO GO DOOR TO DOOR TO MAKE A LIVING? She was selling BOOKS and VACCUMS and all other types of stuff before starting her own company. She was good at what she did because she had NO CHOICE. She had children to feed and a house to take care of she worked very HARD. It was not given to her. If nothing else in my 3 tries with Mary Kay I learned alot about her as a person and how inspiring that is to me.

I say all of this because yesterday a new team member of mine informed me that on July 24th she set up her own face book account  page (I never knew about it) and no one liked her page yet...Could I help her? Well I myself like I said earlier have done some work with bloggers and give aways - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BTW- and really boosted my business that way with a lot of likes and with alot of followers on twitter- I love it all! But for my new associate- this was not feesable and I wanted her to get results in 1 day (less than 12 hours). She and I had a ball- we posted in the networking pages I am in and we posted on ladders, tagging and liking and working hard for those hours. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING RIGHT NOW- If you are not succeeding on facebook it is because something is not right! "Spamming" the pages with the same things daily will not get you new results ( same people see it daily). On the other hand looking for NEW CUSTOMERS online and off line helps tremendously- finding blogs and hooking up with friends and HELPING not selling to eachother. Some ways you may help others is allow them a special spot on your FACEBOOK PAGE for a day- they can post to thier hearts delight any specials. The Idea of networking is another way of ENCOURAGING- when you are posting are you inspiring some one to do something different? are you helping someone when you are posting? Now changing the way you "DO business" will change your business. In helping this new associate yesterday- we exceeded our goals so much that we quit at 8:30 last night and as of this morning we are already at 120 likes. DONT TELL ME IT DOES NOT WORK- and the fact that she did this in hours was amazing- we did do a small give away of 4 small gifts provided by Angela Mendoza (Mary Kay Representative) and D's Blingy Things!/pages/Ds-Blingy-Things/169707389795010 and from me!  Ok so if you offered a small prize- posted in every groupyou are in what your goal is and what YOU CAN DO FOR THEM- you would be amazed at the outcome!

 - Something I have started doing is because I am in many groups I will plug away for my friends. NOT FOR MONEY for my friends and they do the same for me...   (PLUGGING AWAY FOR MY CO_HORTS HERE - you can purchase buttons on the pages if you like there are 3 other blogs with thier buttons on my page to the right or left- if they review things you like contact them and ask them to review your product - you would provide them something to sample- and then if you would really like to boost your business go ahead and ask them to do a give away!) The reason these 3 blogs are so successful (Mommy and baby reviews and give aways, Getting Skinny with you, Mommy's Business) is because they all have a servants heart- its not about WHAT CAN I GET? Its about HOW CAN I HELP YOU? and in return...Well personally I want to help them back!

Although todays post is not about our physical health- I hope that keeping in mind that we should show others the love and respect they deserve- take your eyes off your personal business for a minute or two and ask some one what you can do to help- if you can help then do it, you will be amazed at the relationships that build from that one small step! Plus it goes back to you get what you give and what have you given lately?

Lastly, if you need help from some one ask for it! Let them know what you need!


  1. I am very proud of our hard work yesterday. God has really blessed you with a great gift hun. Thank you so much

    1. But it was exciting and fun! and we did it together.