Monday, August 13, 2012

Southern Hideaway Candle Creations

Delynn Burrell had started creating candles as a hobby years ago, "it was something that relaxed me, plus it saved me hundreds of dollars in candles since I usually have to have a dozen or more candles in my home at any time. About 2010 I decided to pursue it and just see where it would take me, if I was able to get orders that was great, if not okay then I would just stick with as a hobby for Christmas Gifts and such. Well, I started doing the Angels and being a part of the Baby Loss Community it kinda took a life of it's own. I actually went by a different name back then... Creations from the Heart.. then I slowly started adding the Food and Beverage section of my store and wow it took off better than the Angels did, so in hopes to be able to branch out and not be known strictly as someone who did candles for the Baby Loss Community, I closed up, changed names and revamped the store some and re-opened under the name Southern Hideaway Candle Creations. It was my way of honoring my Granny who is probably my biggest inspiration in all this. She was a strong Southern Woman that I wanted to be just like. Growing up in a military home we didn't stick around long in places to have what we now would call a home, so Granny's home in South Georgia became my "hideaway" from the military side of my life hence the Southern Hideaway...

My goals would be able to continue to show my support to the Baby Loss Community by being able to provide low cost or Bulk Pricing for Organizations that provide Memory Boxes to Hospitals, Doctors, Funeral Homes etc for families that lose a child. I currently support 2 groups fully, with several that purchase occasionally, but I would like to be able to see that grow while building the other side of my store as well to balance it out.

I make soaps as well, I usually only bring them out at Christmas time since they make such great gifts and hope to expand in that area as well this year."

Delynn also informed me that she offers special gift packs for weddings and for mothers day or special occasions. Right now she is gearing up for the BIG October 15th day- if you do not know what that is, it was started by Robyn, one of her dear friends that runs  October 15th remembering our babies- a night of special time in prayer, and remembering the babies that have passed, and working through that. People all over the world join at a specific time each year and light candles in memory of thier baby(ies) and for thier friends and others. Such a special ministry these women do for the love of others.  She also has dipped bears- so adorable and so rare she only does them by special order.

Personally- I purchased several Angels that were praying some boys and some girls- YOU CAN CHOOSE THE SCENTS AND THE COLOR AND WEATHER IT IS A SOAP OR A CANDLE OR EVEN A MELT (TART) . I purchased these as Christmas gifts I have many nieces and nephews they each will recieve a Guardian angel that smells wonderful  and each came wrapped each in thier own celophane package with a cute bow ( marked with scent). She specialized each one for me- and always has a special going on!  As a special gift for me she sent me a melt with a beautiful butterfly and also sent me an extra candle- an angel girl in the scent of lovespell! This truly smells amazing.  I am including a list of scents on her page.

Her Photos are just adorable and you will not be disappointed- her price ranges are $2.00-$30.00 but you will find with her specials and all going on she is more than happy to specialize each one by hand JUST FOR YOUR special ocassion.

Now for the give away~~~ she has cooked something up just for us!

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  1. I would like lavendar or love spell :)

    1. stephanie eisenmenger shubertAugust 17, 2012 at 7:32 AM

      i would like angels wings or mothers love!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  2. I would probably like the cheesecake aroma, but it would make me

  3. I would LOVE the love spell or prince charming!

  4. Pumpkin Spice sounds nice!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I hope......

  5. I would love the cheesecake one :)

  6. Mother's Love sounds like something that would be great to try.

  7. Id like to try Grandma's Kitchen, sounds delicious! :)

  8. Lavender or baby powder................I bet that I would like any of them.......sharon wisniewski

  9. BABY POWDER ... i love the smell of babies.

  10. Anything pumpkin or fall would be first choice! :)

  11. I think i'd like the Japanese Lotus Blossom best.

  12. Baby Powder or any floral

  13. kemberley crosswhiteSeptember 7, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    candy corn