Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BFF (Body Fat Facts)

(Body Fat Facts)

**Fat is stored energy- One of them ain reasons we have fat is to keep us from starving. (like if food would become scarce)

**It's just energy our body has set aside for later use. The problem is that when we take toom any calories in and stor up for later and never burn them- so we continue to gain and gain.

**Body fat helps with regulation of hormones.

**Usually your body will not create MORE FAT CELLS after the age of puberty, good news right? --On the flip side your fat cells can increase TEN TIMES THE SIZE- you knew there would be bad news!

**There is no such thing as "spot reduction"- your body is designed to lose weight slowly from all over, only a plastic surgeon can suck fat out of a specific area. (This is different than toning and shaping muscles . You can work on a specific spot of your body to firm up specific muscles and doing so regularly will allow you to maintain.)

**Thinking stimulates your brain to tell you that you are HUNGRY! - stay active and as much as possible EAT SMART.

**Losing weight is all in the math! 3500 calories is equivalent to one pound!
           -- Meaning if you take in 350 caloires more than you burn a day --in 10 days you will gain a pound and if you continue past that you will continue to gain weight. ON the other hand- if you burn 350 more calories than you normally do in a day you can lose a pound in 10 days. 

Personally to help figure what I need to do I refer to sites like this--


  1. OK, I had to steal the picture, too funny!

  2. My little one starts preschool in Sepember. 3 mornings a week for 2/1/2 hours. It will give me mornings to get in a work out. Kind of excited about it.