Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My reasons for doing this

I have decided its like to start a blog about my weight loss journey and what has transpired in the last year with my ACE business.  I will hopefully start having some other fun stuff going on here soon. 

First I would like to start out with where I was in June 2011. I was to the point of no return- I had found my relationship with the Lord and had started so many new things and a huge turn of events since 2008 but still was overweight and felt horrible. I never had energy and never felt good.  I was a Mary Kay consultant and although I have nothing but love from and for my consultants- I felt fat and ugly. At 270 pounds I was approaching once again the biggest I had ever been- 280 and before I got there it was time to do something about it.  I found myself eating and then crying... I found myself just ready to just stop eating then realized I couldn't.  I tried eating NO CARBS- yeah that was dumb!  I was sick with in 2 days. I would work out and come home and drink a HUGE glass of diet coke instead of water- hey no calories what is the difference?  WELL- obviously the education was lacking when it came to weight loss and health.  I prayed and cried and begged and finally one of my friends said try this- she sent samples was so excited she could not stand it. I tried it- yep I felt----I Felt----NOTHING! What a let down!  I was looking for energy- hmmm SO I tried it again. And still- no miracle angels singing nope nothing miraculous.... so I waited a few days she called again and asked how I was doing?  Well honestly- I don't know there is a money back guarantee- right? She told me 100% money back guarantee - !  SO I decided well I have spent more money on stupid stuff after all I quit smoking and maybe I could eventually save money in groceries? Or so I suggested to myself.

WELL in June 2011 I started ACE. I ordered on June 8th and think I started around the 13th. I was excited- with in a month or so I saw a difference of 15 pounds- By October was down 50 pounds by Christmas 60 pounds by April 70 pounds by May 75 By JULY 2012-80 pounds. Yes that would be where we are today.  I did slow down and try other products- Our company has some amazing products by the way- but I am in love with this company and want to provide healthy  ideas and ways to stay healthy with exercise and eating right- I will tell you a secret- UNTIL APRIL 2012 I did not really exercise, I just took ACE.

In January of 2012 my husband had me up my autoship and allow him a bottle to take a month. In April he became an associate. He does more retail sales than I do- I do more online.  I have loved what this has done for me. Financially allowing me a little room to play a little more, and Physically still getting healthier and personally just boosted my Hopes and my spirit. I hope to be able to promote healthy lifestyles and weight loss information and goals towards meeting our weight loss goals. And that every one can use a blog like this- although there are plenty out there I am sure!

-Thanks for reading my story and as it continues and I think about specific times in my journey I will blog about it. I will blog about the products I love and will even add comments from my customers and associates that are succeeding in their weight loss and health and businesses.

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