Monday, July 30, 2012

Problem areas?

In an earlier post you saw that you cannot PICK AND CHOOSE where you want to lose weight- it just does not happen that way. our bodies are made that wehn we lose weight we lose it EVERYWHERE. The only way to PICK a spot is to have a doctor do liposuction on it...WEll I am not paying for that. 

I hear people say that ACE is too expensive as it is $60.00  for 60 count bottle and you can only take one a day and get results... On the other hand- people are going out having all kinds of weightloss surgeries, and horrible side effects with them. Losing weight CAN BE DONE with out a supplement- It can be done with proper meals and with exercise. If you are trying to lose weight and not doing those things you will be defeating the purpose. I don't mean a crash diet with NO CARBS- I have done some research on this and I KNOW that we need to be eating well balanced meals and taking care of ourselves.  I do however have 2 problem areas- my body shape is a "pear" no matter what size I tend to be. SO in an effort to work on those parts of me I am using these exercises- I did take a few days off because of pulling a muscle wrestling with my dog- but think I am on the mend and getting back to them. I hope you enjoy them as well and remember if its not BURNING and your not FEELING it, you may be doing something wrong.  These are things you can do in your house for very little and will help tighten up the areas of flab.  Remember CARDIO exercises help you to lose fat! But sometimes you still have flabby skin or loose skin and these types of things along with PLENTY of water ( 64 oz to 1/2 your body weight) will help reduce some of that for you! Have a great day!

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