Friday, July 27, 2012

Stressed OUT?

I know it is proven that Stress is linked to weight gain... Maybe because so many people are emotional eaters- or may because of the way our bodies handle stress outright.

According to Edward Cregan MD- getting a handle on your stress can help with weight loss. Exercising is a great way to elevate your mood naturally as well as assist you in stress management. Stress shows up in many ways- irritability, anxiety and muscle tension.

If you are finding you are an emotional eater- you may want to try substituting something "bad" for something "good". This is part of identifying the problem and then working to solve the problem. I did this with cigarettes when I quit smoking years ago. I decided rather than smoking I would go for a long walk- and in time quickly gave up cigarettes. in order to solve a problem you must identify what it is first-
 *What did you eat and how did you feel?
  *Were you hungry or just upset?
*Was it a craving or were you just needing something to do?
*Were you just bored?
  *Are you not able to tell why you wanted to eat but just ate any way? (shhh dont tell any one- there probably is a reason and you may have to think about it.)

Keeping track of these types of things will help you to figure out what you need to work on. If its emotional roller coasters you are on, well those will come and go we all know that. But at the same time- I refuse to let my emotions get me to a place I take my eyes off of my health again. At 270 pounds EVERYTHING went into my body. I ate what I wanted when I wanted and ALL attempts to lose weight were just not working for me. I seriously would walk 2 to 3 miles and sweat and still not lose anything. I was desperate. But I did find that keeping an eye on what I ate did help some the problem was time to plan meals watch calories- oh it does get easier. But still difficult- and the DESIRE to want to get up and move around. WELL LETS JUST BE HONEST- I HAD NO DESIRE!

Some ways to relax with exercise is Yoga, massage or meditation. I personally found that running hard on that pavement wore me out so I could take a shower and then relax and rest well because I was tired.

Another thing is when we are stressed or overwhelmed we tend to not get enough sleep causing us to be more hungry. We need fuel to function and when we are tired our bodies may tell us to substitute food for energy than sleep- make sure you sleep the recommended amount of hours a day.

Don't skip meals during the day- this will allow you to take in more calories (typically at the end of the day) and not get the energy to burn off before you go to rest for the night- remember "fat" is stored energy that your body has not burned off yet.

  Don't get discouraged- its easy to do there are many things you can do to try and keep motivated- groups you can join, support teams and other people that have the same goals as you do. Finding an accountability partner is key in success. Weather it is about a personal business or your weight loss or your attitude or your faith-- accountability is so important. Keeping your eyes where they belong and doing what is right for you is the most important thing.-Now I have learned alot about some all natural resources called Adaptogens and want to supply some of that information to you- may help reduce stress and even assist in weight loss.

  According to Wikipedia- adaptogens are metabolic regulatorwhich increase the ability of an organism to adapt to environmental factors( which can be physiological-external or or psychological -example would be anxiety or stress also considered internal. Adaptogens have the ability to normalize disturbances in and around the body to help with the stressors internal and external. this chart comes from Wikipedia as well as more information on Adaptogens
The effect of Adaptogens versus stimulants has been very interesting to me-
*for recovery process after exhaustive physical load- Adaptogens have a higher rate

*for Energy Depletion-Stimulants have a highter rate
*Performance in stress- Adaptogens increase performance
*Survival with stress -Adaptogens increase the ability
*Quality of Arrousal- with Adaptogens it is higher
*Insomnia does not occur with adaptogens but does occur with stimulants
*There are side affects with stimulants but not with adaptogens
*DNA/RNA amd protien synthesis decrease with stimulants but increase with adaptogens

In comparing stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, amphetamine which can impair mental function and lead to addiction and tolerance with long term use, adaptogens by deifination and from numerous studies do not exhibit such negative effects.  One plant adaptogen that is derived from phodiola rosea has been shown to significantly regulate high-altitute sleep disorders and improve sleep quality. Plant adapotgens stimulate the nervous system by mechanisms which are totally different from those of conventional stimulants as associated with metabolic regulation of various elements of the stress system and mondulation of stimulants- The photos below are of the products that Saba offers with the adaptogens listed above and many more- Saba means 7- (7 major adaptogens working together for a healthier you) you can look at our products more in detail at - just click on products then Saba or Saba Borojo and read more about it.

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