Friday, July 13, 2012


This morning I wanted to go a little deeper with what ACE really is- Yes it is a capsule- but why does it give you the energy? And how does it work? well with the mixture of ingredients- I mean really that is all there is to it. Check it out and do some research on it yourself if you like to see what else you can come up with- I looked up the following ingredients (not the first time I have done this) and these are the benefits and things that come out of each ingredient separately- the information I gathered is off of PURE MATTERS, WIKKIPEDIA, and MINERAL DEFICIENCY webpages and are not my own, however I cannot recall where I got the picture from- definately one of those sites.

Vitamin B-6? Essential vitamin supports many vital body functions, including nervous and immune system function.* Also plays a part in protein and fat metabolism.*Vitamin B-6 is a water-soluble essential vitamin needed by the body for good health.** It can be found in many foods including beans, meat, poultry, fish, some fruits and vegetables and fortified cereals.

Chromium plays a role in the release of energy from cells.**
Chromium supports carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism.**
Chromium helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range.**

 Cocoa powder contains several minerals including calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. All of these minerals are found in greater quantities in cocoa powder than either cocoa butter or cocoa liquor. Cocoa solids also contain 230 mg of caffiene and 2057 mg of theobrime per 100g, which are mostly absent from the other components of the cocoa bean.

Green Tea-
Looking for a natural energy boost? Enhance your vitality and immune system health with Green Tea Extract. This powerful antioxidant offers a healthy alternative to coffee.A strong antioxidant that boosts immune system health*Helps promote healthy energy levels*Supports healthy metabolism*

Vanadium is a compound found in tiny amounts in plants and animals. Moreover vanadium is a trace mineral that is present in many foods and may be essential, in small amounts, in the body.
Vanadium supplementation has shown positive effect in peer reviewed studies for the treatment of: Diabetes,Cancer,Heart Disease.

I hope this shines a little more light on the subject for you and if you are interested please visit the tabs at the top of the page to see different sites and things about ACE from myself!


  1. This is great information,and just what I was needing for people that want to know more about the product,how it's made, and how it works. Thanks for this!

  2. I am printing this information out and giving them to my customers so they can gain more knowledge of the product as well. Word of mouth + knowledge is a powerful thing! :)

  3. My scientifically minded cerebral friends are gonna love this! Any research based info is always helpful as well. Keep it coming! I knew there was a reason I loved cocoa beans so much! :)

    1. Julia-your so funny! I want to also say- the amount of caffeine in our "serving size" is 180 mg per 2 capsules- not one and the caffeine is from Cocoa powder and green tea- those are the natural sources listed on the nutritional value portion of our products:) And yes- some people are very knowledgeable. Typical cup of coffee has 70-90 mg of caffeine for a 7 oz cup...

  4. Junetta, I found more healthful information that supports the benefits of ACE. All below are ingredients found in ACE with exception of the Jet Black Cocoa seed(not sure if it would be the same ingredient in ACE), but the rest speaks for itself! Let me know if this if helpful info I can use for customers or not. I want to be sure I am giving them correct information.

    Vitamin B6 may aid in the formation of several neurotransmitters and is therefore an essential nutrient in the regulation of mental processes and possibly mood.

    Chromium (as Polynicotinate) said to have greater biological activity than other forms of Chromium, including sources from picolinate. CP helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and can be critical to the synthesis of cholesterol, fats and proteins. Chromium polynicotinate of pure niacin-bound chromium has been identified by United States Government researchers as the active component of true GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). GTF is responsible for binding insulin to cell membrane receptor sites. Chromium polynicotinate has been shown to possess greater biological activity than other chromium picolinate weight loss supplements.

    Vanadium Some studies indicate Vanadium may be a key micronutrient. Vanadium helps control blood sugar in diabetics. Along with Chromium, which is beneficial for diabetics, Vanadium is sometimes used in body building supplements. Diabetics as well as body builders and personal fitness trainers may be attracted to using XYNG for reasons beyond energy, appetite suppressant and mood enhancement.

    Jet Black Cocoa (seed) may have the ability to elevate the metabolism and perhaps even increase satiety (fullness). For instance, is the chemical responsible for that "chocolate high" some people experience when eating their favorite chocolate.

    Geranium Flower as a nutrition supplement has been used to stimulate weight loss. Also used as a nasal decongestant, some say they seem to breathe better after taking this supplement.



  5. I forgot to add the calcium and magnesium that are also found in the cocoa powder.

    Calcium (as Coral) - Coral calcium may help to increase bone density, strengthen teeth and helps with osteoporosis. It is a natural dietary supplement that contains dozens of natural minerals and vitamins that the human body requires for good health, including Vitamin D and magnesium, two essential elements that work well with calcium. Having sufficient calcium in the body can prevent muscle and bone pain, high blood pressure caused by stress and cramping of the muscles, as well as bone diseases.

    Magnesium (as Coral) may help us to build energy which control blood pressure in our body and associate with potassium and calcium. Note: Some experts feel that by adding Calcium and Magnesium to Energy and Weight Loss Formulas that the people experience a smoother energy level and a more balanced PH....very important.

  6. Yes all.that is great- you should of wrote it! Haha! But seriously there is so much good stuff in these you can see the reason why it would be helpful- everyone feel free to add here if you like. I do know I have heeard our Executive Platinum director tell people it curbs your cravings for chocolate. I am not sure of difference between regular cocoa and black cocoa but definitely can look into it more. Putting such a small amount of information out- seriously could go on amd on ;)