Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have been having some amazing changes in my business lately- you know how it is----many people sign up for the discount, and then they can't afford it any more or they want to but they just can not get it going and THEY ARE LISTENING WHY IS IT NOT WORKING??? Well I had a team of 64 people and don't you know we dropped below 50 by the end of the month. and its FRUSTRATING right? we have all been there... Or you have those amazing associates that are just working so hard and spinning thier wheels you feel so bad for them and want to help but not sure what to do... Now I am doing some research and find that the leadership of some MLM or some other types of marketing or direct sales...well they are not always 100% positive influences on thier sales people. In fact some almost tend to BASH thier sales people-- ok here is my thought on it ---If it is not going to help build your business- then don't worry about what they are saying. According to "GURU's" we are talking fortune 500 companies/ infomercial people/ sales people in general... In order to be successful there are some things you can do- cheap and easy. ***Spamming FB is not the way to do it- build relationships help eachother out swap product if you both can.
  ***Become an EXPERT in your field- KNOW what you are talking about- KNOW what it means and understand how it will benefit..
***Realize EVERY PRODUCT HAS ITS DOWNFALLS- what does your product lack in or do or possibly cause... everything has possible side effects if you ingest it...
***Researching your product may be considered a waste of time but if you know what you are talking about you won't have to worry about it at all- EVER. I don't care if some one says it wastes your time, being an EXPERT in your field requires being able to over come objections (not argue and not defend).
**Face it- some people WILL NOT LOVE YOUR PRODUCT THE WAY YOU DO! that is cool! but maybe they will refer someone else if they have a good relationship with you!
  ***I work hard at being an EXAMPLE OF MY PRODUCT AND MY HUSBAND DOES TOO! We run the business 2 different ways- he just lets every one come to him and I will show you why- He is a plumber out in public all day- he doesn't have to say anything he just goes into a bank and pulls out his drivers license and BAM --"WOW! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" He tells them takes them samples and then says-I NEED 3 Bottles.
***I don't care if your product is skin care, or other thing HAVE A TESTIMONY. Have one that shows you know what you are talking about- if you struggled at one point LET IT BE KNOWN- guess what people trust people that are honest. Since I sell weight loss I lost 80 pounds gained some back, lost it again and then gained it back and then lost it ( the SAME 5 POUNDS!) and now I have decided ITS TIME TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT AGAIN! so HERE I GO!!! but its ok to tell the truth about it, if you struggle - you can become an expert by FAILING a few times! I definately know WHAT NOT TO DO! now if I can keep the rest of my team from making same errors- we will be on a roll!

***Use your ERRORS or FAILINGS as expert advice- have confidence when you speak and come off gentle too- the overbearing harsh hard sales people- I personally can find offensive.

 I LOVE helping others and helping them succeed! I hope this information is helpful I will keep researching information on how to grow mybusiness and maybe you will learn something from me - as sort of an EXPERT!_ (and to the dying question did Brandon exercise- NO WAY! he eats ice cream and chocolate almost everynight!!!)

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