Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glade Expressions

I am so thankful I was chosen as a buzz agent (via www.buzzagent.com) to get into this program! I had a great time trying out the different smells and even love both products. The items I tried are all natural smelling (which I love) and they are fresh clean scents (not overwhelming perfumy stuff) and they are just really nice looking the do not look like the old renuzit and the spray is covered in a neat little cover almost flower vase type like style. It does not look like a CAN OF SPRAY! its pretty and I think that makes me like it more. The diffusers= PERFECT. long lasting scent and easy enough to slide behind a picture if needed to hide from baby grabby hands becuase of its shape and great to sit out in any room- the smell is amazing! check back for a give away on this product starting on 09/19/2012! I did recieve one of each for free then several more discounts for coupons...

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