Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New product packaging--- but benefits are the same!

Just wanted to say-- I got this in yesterday AFTERNOON! The "energy" was not overwhelming or anything HOWEVER my head ache disappeared almost instantly. Now this product does have a small amount of alcohol in it. I would not recommend this to children. The bottle comes with a dropper and although the taste is STRONG because it is concentrated- I LOVED the results in a matter of minutes!  Saba Pomegranate is available for order! As a preferred customer or as an associate you get it at a DISCOUNTED price of $32.00! Full price is $47.00. A full bottle should last up to 30 days! It is not a bad price and seriously love the results!  Banana flavored smell full of fruits and adaptogens. Healthy way to promote the same benefits as with the Saba Pomegranate juices (which I would recommend children drink daily)- this is small enough to fit into your purse or other small area! Easy to carry!

Ok this is another product to get!!! Cold and flu season is coming up QUICK!!!  Ok Testimonies are OVERFLOWING about the sinus infections and the Ear infections this product alone is curing! I cannot tell you how many people are saying it cures ECZEMA! dilute it with water and put in a spray bottle--- the results have been astounding! I cannot wait to order mine and get my WHOLE family ready for the winter! This has been said to help with viruses and with colds as well as infections. An all natural antibiotic and just a little bit goes A LONG WAY!  A bottle of Colloidial Silver is only $39.00 if you are ordering direct from me- plus shipping and will be $24.00 for preferred customers and associates! 

I am offering a special right now- you can order each individually with $8.25 shipping and I will ship to your door for you with out you having to sign up for autoship or anything else. Or order both at the same time for $86.00 even with no shipping cost! this is really going to help your family this cold and flu season! Send payment to my email at via paypal and include your mailing address... Your order will be sent direct from our home office to your DOOR! If you are interested in becoming an assocaite and setting up a healthier lifestyle for your self there are several options- will teachyou and show you about Saba and Saba Borojo will teach you and show you more about ACE and weightloss and how to order.

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