Thursday, November 29, 2012

Serena Renae's Spa

Today I went to a Spa- My husband is a plumber and he got this gift certificate for me for some fun for me a while back with all intentions of me going TODAY . I have been waiting for MONTHS to go to the spa.... AND we did it and had a great time! This is a brand new spa in the area of Hermitage TN! WHich is not too far from me and these women they know what they are doing! They listen well and work with you instead fo against you- they have ideas and make you aware of what they are thinking but clear that IT IS YOUR CHOICE as to how you are cared. for! The room on the left is OBVIOUSLY the wash room the chairs are a little odd to get around- SUPER COMFORTABLE and relaxing! ( Had to show this cause My husband did the sinks) I asked that I be allowed to talk about them and write a review for them... THey were like SURE. The color choices are so amazing and the smell-ok smelled like sandalwood and lavender NOT like color treated hair! The highlights were not stinky either...if you have had these things done to you YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! The picture on the right is the room of Jennifer Denton- a LIcensed Skin Therapist- BOTH PEOPLE SERENA AND JENNIFER had ideas on how to upkeep myself and not  spending alot of money- they did offer products that may help if I tried the other things and they did not work for me. Some of the suggestions were Try Baking soda and water and APPLY a paste directly to your acne spots or flare ups let it dry- it will flake off and then let the little bit of residue left rub that into your skin. it will help for spot treatments. USE an alcohol based astringent to try and dry the skin up a little bit- I STAY OILY. Also keep moisturising and try to stay out of unnecesary sunlight- you know like laying in a tanning bed and such ? yeah great advise- AND FREE on top of a wonderful massage. During the hair coloring process I had a massage that felt so wonderful on my scalp that when she put me under the dryer I just about fell asleep.  I would totally recommend this to ANYONE in the area! Or if you are visitng Nashville for a weekend its just outside of down town close to Opryland area. You can find her page at ( ooohhh I copied the page with the specials! )

and also You can contact Jennifer as well for your microderm abrasion appointment or WHATEVER it is you are looking for! her room is so relaxing and she lays you back and makes you feel at home! loved this visit! Jennifers specials are not posted yet-Buy one Microderm abrasion session and get one free! $75 value! or Purchase a one hour facial at regular price and add hot stones for FREE___ you can look up the full cost of all the products on the same page- just go to the left. 

I hope you enjoy your trip there as much as I did! 

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