Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letters from Santa

This is not such a fantastic picture of the letter from santa! but I have an official document stating that my daughter made it on SANTA'S nice list! WHOO HOO! as well as a personalized letter for her for Christmast list and all the information I provided to "santa". THis santa is pretty awesome- SHE sells these nice list documents as well as the letters from Santa personalized for your KIDDO! She is a pretty awesome woman! she takes pride in what she does and writes it up for each child- alot of care and love goes into these.. THe letters also come with Reindeer food and a santa key- a key to the door to allow Santa to get in when THere is no CHIMINEY! I hope you are able to get in touch with her--- the link is to the left<<<< at the top it will take you right to her page- SHE HAS GIVE AWAYS AND FREE GAMES ALL THE TIME ON HER PAGE! YOU NEED TO CHECK HER OUT- THE PRICES ARE MINIMAL PROBABLY JUST ENOUGH TO COVER THE COST OF THE SPECIAL STAMPS SPECIAL PAPER AND YOU CAN EVEN CHOOSE WHAT PAPER YOUR LETTER IS WRITTEN ON... KEEP IN MIND THE COST OF INK!  I am so thankful for the wonderful gift I have recieved--I did receieve a discount or a free one for writing and promoting however THIS IS MY PERSONAL opinion and CANNOT wait until my little one gets this next week! I AM NOT SURE when I will give her the Nice List certificate but I will this next week and a little bit after that I will give her the letter- YOU CAN MESSAGE THE FB PAGE AND ASK DETAILS AND GET YOURS FOR A LITTLE TO NOTHING!  

THank you so much SANTA! 

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