Friday, December 7, 2012

Incredibly shirinking me!

Today I want to tell you a story! and incredible story! A STORY ABOUT ME! ok so  maybe not what you wanted to hear! So you  may know that I started taking ACE and when I did I thought that my life would not be different. I thought that everything would stay the same--- WRONG! So off and on the first year I had alot of pictures of me taken- some better than others and some worse than others. I love the energy and everything it provides I love that I can move and work out with people that work out 4-5 times a week and pretty much keep up- I love that I am getting smaller DESPITE the scales! I can wear a  size 12!! AMAZING... Now lets just be honest--- I WAS NOT wanting to change the way I ate- I WAS NOT wanting to change the things I did- but my house was cleaner my house was REDECORATED in a matter of MONTHS! my clothes got loser and loser and I was not about to deal with things the way I had in the past-- over the summer I bought size 16 jeans and was proud of that and then a few size 12's and 14's NOW all my clothes are 12s and 14s comfortably and I CAN SQUEEZE I MEAN SQUEEZE into a size 10. I currently take ACE and I also am taking Saba Adaptogens- LOVE THESE! They have a taste to them for sure but relax you and they are all natural fruits and ADAPTOGENS in a little bitty dropper 1-2 a day... I personally like to take them at night and SLEEP like a LOG! silent and non moving for 12 hours! ( well if I have that much time to sleep!) I am so excited to share my updated pictures with EVERY one I can find! yay!

So if you would not mind to share this and share alot!!! I love this stuff--- Between my husband and I we have lost 155 pounds we are both wearing smaller sizes than we have in FOREVER! I am super excited... we are coming up with new ideas and contests all the time! Currently we are looking for new people to inspire and encourage- we are running a special so contact us for the MONTHLY special and I will be glad to get back to you

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on the far left is June 2011 in the middle is July 2012 and Picture on the right is 12/07/2012!

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