Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letters from Santa- THE LETTER REVEALED

So I just wanted to share what happens when you give your 6 year old the letter SANTA sent them! with the nice list I posted last week she also got the reindeer food which is sparkly and the Santa key! ok a PICTURE is worth 1000 words! I  wanted to say WHAT A GREAT TREAT IT WAS not for just her but for me! I giggled all night long check her pictures out! she is having a great time sharing her stories with EVERY ONE! On thursday I posted the Nice list certificate she got that last night as well! The letters are personalized to your childs accomplishments- for her it had to do with behavior, her dancing first year with God's Girls and with Bible quizzing- wow that made her feel like some one cared! She went to the gym with me and was so excited to tell ANY ONE THAT HAD EARS ABOUT IT!
In this picture ^^ she is looking at the key and reindeer food listening to her letter be read!

this picture here is where she realized she WAS ON THE TOP OF SANTA's NICE LIST for 2012! haha and she was loving the idea of reindeer food and a key for Santa!

This is the picture of the Santa KEY! its super cute! she had it in our tree- for safe keeping!

and the reindeer food? super cute! love the idea--
NOW the Letters from Santa is only available through the 10th of DECEMBER! you will miss out on the fun if you do not get in on it now! she has let me know as of last night she is STILL TAKING ORDERS through the 10th of December! do not miss out ! This is so precious...Oh and Did I mention this is all done for you for $10 or less? I cannot remember the exact price she had a special going on last night! so ask her about specials!
find her at www.facebook.com/YourLetterFromSanta you can customize your entire letter- the stationary the whole thing was super fun and amazing- she cannot wait until Christmas!
Thanks SANTA!

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