Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do you get paid to lose weight?

The simple answer is yes I do- Pretty much!

The longer answer is my journey started off slow- I was afraid to invest in product again and had been through it all in the past with other companies- good companies that pay out $1000's every month to people that earn it. The thing was I was not passionate about those so No I did not make much money doing that. With this- its almost as if people found me and said WOW! With this what is different is the hope of a change not just for today but for the rest of my life. See starting out at 270 pounds I was humiliated to try and tell some one how to put make up on and hated the fact that people just did not care. Some looked at me totally insane like WHY WOULD YOU LOOK LIKE THIS? I was not at my heaviest (280) but almost. And when the weight came off I could not SHUT UP! So when asked to go to the Southern womens show in Nashville TN last year I went expecting... well not to do too good actually. I had done it before with Mary Kay and did not sell a thing ALL WEEKEND. A few others did. But what was different this time was A TEAM. I mean at that time it was a few directors and one Bronze Director and wow it was just absolutely amazing! I loved it. They taught me and trained me and worked with me the whole time. I sold everything I had in 4 hours! ($240.00 in my pocket after the sales!) I had to purchase more product and sold that the next time I went in 2 hours! I could not believe it... People wanted to lose weight wanted to feel good about themselves and found MY pictures inspirational... Some people were gathered around the table all most the WHOLE ENTIRE weekend.

The team showed me what to do- with in a month I went  from an Associate to a Sr. Associate to a Director! I started helping out at the Nashville Flea Market and then got more leads. Now I have branched out on my own with HIPS. Harrison Inovative Productions- this is a group of women in Nashville area that are taking over! HAHA they are an amazing group to work with. The confidence in the last 2 months working with them PUSHED me to Bronze Director! I find encouragement and fun in doing these things. Now my goal is to include as many team members in doing the same thing- Bonuses are paid out EVERY WEDNESDAY - and so far this month- Well lets just say my car payment was PAID by ACE and then I could of paid 4 more car payments this month! Just with weekly bonuses not including the monthly contests going on and all the other fun stuff the company does- And our rewards are not something we cannot use- its USUALLY CASH that is right! the money and incentives to continue to grow pay off. The more you do the more you get paid. In fact our home office paid out over $128,000.00 in just bonuses for contests at the end of last month! Can you imagine? I got a peice of that! That is not including the weekly pay checks I get direct deposited!

I am amazed at the way this company works- we get paid 7 different ways! 1) direct sales 2) Monthly reorders (we get 10% of the weaker side!) 3)  fast start- when you enroll 4 people in your first month you get an extra $100 check mailed to you GUARANTEED! 4)enrollers enroller bonus ( not an error!) this means any one you enrolled that enrolls some one else- YOU GET PAID! 5) weekly team commissions you get 10% of the side that is weaker in bonuses EACH WEEK! 6) Matching bonuses- say your team below you is getting a bonus- YOU DO TOO! and it rolls up! 7) Monthly Bonus Pool: 3% of the wholesale volume of Saba is put into a bonus pool, paid out each month to the top producers and earners.

 need more information? www.sparks.lovemyace.com

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