Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saba Fit Kit Review!

SO I recieved my Saba fit kit. As a distributor or preferred customer you can get this at only $129!! Now before you go saying THAT IS ALOT OF MONEY_ I thought the same thing and I work as a distributor for the company I was not so sure how it would be. So when I got mine I was super excited and had to look at everything. My kids and I do love to work out BUT its not always feesable go to the gym especially here of late. To where popping in a video or even memorizing some exercises may be easy enough to do on my own. I personally LOVE dancing. Zumba is something I would do 7 days a week if I could. BUT the videos leave me feeling a little insecure about it. To where a real class is alot of fun! I opened the box to find this- I was like for real? That does not look worth the money!

 So I started pulling every thing out! and then blew up the ball with the air hose you see and opened the black bag- full of resistance bands.

 To my surprise there were 5 resistance bands that hook on the door any one of 3 ways to help you with arms legs butt and other types of exercises. The door hook hanger as well this thing just slides behind the door and you attach your resistance bands to it. And then the blue circle- OK this looks funny in this picture but is is placed above my knees and I attempted to do a squat! FORGET THE THIGH MASTER! Whew. Then I reluctantly opened the video this is going to be TOO HARD I mean look at the people on the video... TO MY SURPRISE AGAIN! There are over 100 guided exercises in this 2 pack dvd set!  They teach you how to use these. NOW I am serious- why would youi pay a gym membership if you had the opprotunity to take your go any where gym with you?  Did I tell you the ball has a foot pump and with it has a thing to help you DEFLATE your ball so you can keep it up and not worry about getting holes in it? 

\Now due to copy right issues I am going to not post the screen shots of what the video says but there are DAILY work outs starting with day one and working your way to a more advanced state. There are work outs showing you how to do every thing and then simpler things you can do as well. This is one of the best things I have seen in a while- I mean some of these exercises have helped me already feel a differenec in ONE time! I use machines at the gym and I use the classes and weights. But this by far is something I see my self and others getting a hold of and keeping for a long time! if you are interested you just need to email and ask for a Saba fit kit! It retails at $149 or you can get a discount on it and all our products the discount price for this is $129.00  for distributors and preferred customers. Changing lives one at a time and we are here to help! Thank you for reading my review and I hope you enjoy!

There are also free work outs offered by this couple on you tube. you can check out Nita Better Body at any time- here is one of her work out videos.


  1. Looks like a great way to get fit!

  2. i am on a huge diet and this would help me out so much!

  3. The door hanger looks better than the one I just got. I have been looking for stuff like this for my workouts!

  4. This is awesome!! I would love to try this! :D